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Welcome to Roundstone Seed's New Website
Jan 21, 2015

Welcome to our new website! Online ordering has become progressively important for our customers, and we wanted to give them the full range of our native seeds online in a format that makes ordering easy.

About Roundstone Native Seed

Roundstone Native Seed has been growing and supplying high quality regionally adapted Native Seeds to the eastern United States for over 20 years.  We are farmers and conservationists and have grown from a small family-owned business to one of the largest seed providers in the United States.  Our success can be attributed to our commitment to clean high quality seed, development of Ecotypes adapted to each region we serve, and an experienced and knowledgeable staff dedicated to friendly and helpful service.  We focus on quality and service because every success we bring our customers is a living demonstration and an incentive for others to use natives.

We have a large selection of native seeds, seed mixes, naturalized seeds, and plant materials for any need you might have.  Regardless of whether you’re a landscape architect, contractor, wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, a home gardener wanting wildflowers in your yard, or a farm owner looking to satisfy the requirements of a Farm Bill Program, we have the quality products you need and we would be more than happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and share our knowledge about natives with you.

Why Choose Seed from Roundstone?

Reason 1: Clean, High Quality Seed

Quality isn’t a buzz word here at Roundstone Native Seed – It’s WHAT WE DO and WHAT WE BELIEVE.  We strive in every way possible to supply the highest quality seed available.  We know that if your seed is no good, won’t germinate, is full of trash, or if it contains lots of weed seeds, then it won’t matter how hard you work to prepare your site or how much effort and expense you put into controlling competition; you simply won’t be successful.

Our insistence on quality includes such things as annual controlled burns, control of weeds in the production fields, testing for optimum harvest time, heat control at harvest and in drying, having 23 precise cleaning and separation operations available, vacuum seed transfer, debearding to facilitate cleaning, temperature and humidity controlled storage, and scientific collection for Certified Seed Testing.

Reason 2:  Development of Regional Ecotype Seed

Ecotype seeds are simply seeds from parent stock that has evolved over time and adapted to your area; to your soils, geology, temperature, rainfall, elevation, insects, disease, pests, and all of the other environmental factors of your region.  Simply put, regionally adapted ecotypes offer the highest success for native stands.

At Roundstone we are emphasizing the development of Regional Ecotypes for an ever increasing number of species.  We have established production sites and grower alliances in 7 states and and ever-expanding regional environments, especially in the Southeastern United States.

Reason 3:  Experienced Staff and Helpful Advice

Our greatest asset is Our Team.  Roundstone was founded by experienced farmers and conservationists.  In following their visions, we are extremely fortunate to have assembled a team of such talented, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals to grow together.  If you have questions about seed selection, establishment, maintenance, or anything about what to expect, these folks will be pleased to try to help you.  Just contact us!

Reason 4:  Over 300 Species and Over 140 Standard Mixes

We currently have seed for over 300 species and over 140 standard mixes.  We are focused on expanding our regional ecotypes both in number of species and in regions we serve.  While we now mostly serve the eastern half of the United States, we are diligently developing production and producer alliances to allow us to expand westward with our products.