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Regional Ecotype Seed or PMC Cultivar Seed?

There is near universal agreement.  For best results, plant ecotype seeds.  Ecotype seeds are simply seeds from parent stock that has evolved over time and adapted to your area; to your soils, geology, temperature, rainfall, elevation, insects, disease, pests, and the other environmental factors where you are.

What is best for you?  Generally, the answer is to use seed from as close to your location as possible.  Seed from 200 miles away is almost certainly going to perform better than seed from 500 miles away.  But, there are circumstances when cultivar seed may be a better choice regardless of distance.

Regional Ecotype Seed

At Roundstone we are emphasizing the development of Regional Ecotypes for an ever increasing number of species.  We have established production sites and grower alliances in 7 states and numerous and expanding regional environments, especially in the Southeast. We are focused on production of Ecotype seed from the smallest eco-region that it is economically feasible to support.  Ecotypes establish easier are more hardy, have fewer insect and disease problems, are adapted to the temperature and moisture of the area and protect the genetic integrity of the local flora.


USDA PMC Cultivar Seed

Cultivars are simply ecotype seeds selected, collected, and developed through selective breeding for one or more traits, such as seed production, forage characteristics, biomass volume, disease resistance, or other valued characteristics.  This breeding and development rarely extends the area of adaptation beyond the eco-region where the material was first collected.  Most Cultivars are suited primarily in or near their foundation seed source.


Let us help you make good decisions about which to use if you have questions.  Feel free to call or email and our friendly staff will be happy to assist!

Ecotype Production Swamp Milkweed
Alamo Switchgrass
Ecotype Production Slender Mountain Mint
Slender Mountain Mint
Cultivar Production Alamo Switchgrass
Swamp Milkweed