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RANSM Mix 1 - Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

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$100.00Per Pound


Sun: Full Sun
MixNumber: RANSM Mix 1
MixRegions: 4,5
Site Moisture: Dry to Medium Soil Moisture

Due to limited stock on hand, this item is only available by contacting our office.

The Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix is a blend of native grasses and flowers that are adapted to the Greater Houston Area and surrounding counties in Southeast Texas.  This mix is designed for erosion control, increased water infiltration, and improved wildlife and pollinator habitat.  This seed mix is a product of the Regional Access to Native Seed Mix (RANSM) Coalition in partnership with Houston Wilderness, the Texas Native Seeds Program, and the Harris County Flood Control District.  Roundstone Native Seed LLC is a proud member of the coalition and supports these efforts to increase the availability of regionally adapted native seed sources across the region.  

Recommended Planting Rate: 10 PLS pounds/acre

Common Name Botanical Name PLS Oz.
Indiangrass - Lometa Sorghastrum nutans 4.8
Little Barley - Cibolo Germplasm Hordeum pusillum 1.6
White Tridens - Guadalupe Germplasm Tridens albescens 3.2
Little Bluestem - Coastal Plains Germplasm Schizachyrium scoparium 4.8
Herbaceous Mimosa - Crockett Germplasm Mimosa strigillosa 0.8
Downy Sunflower - Cajun Sunrise Helianthus mollis 0.8

**The composition of the mix shown above is subject to change without notice due to seed availability.  Substitutions are selected based on similar plant characteristics.  If the exact individual species are critical to your planting needs, please contact us to ensure that we can fill your request without substitution.**

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RANSM Mix 1 - Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

RANSM Mix 1 - Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

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