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Herbaceous Mimosa - Crockett Germplasm

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$350.00Per Pound


Height: 0.5' - 1'
Scientific Name: Mimosa strigillosa
Source: Native
Class: Forb
Growth: Perennial
Color: Pink
Soils: Dry to Medium Soil Moisture
Bloom Period: Spring/Summer
Sun: Full Sun
Seeds per Pound: 47,000
Regions: 4

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Herbaceous Mimosa is a perennial, warm season, legume which grows to a height of 6 to 8 inches with a sprawling growth form. The deciduous, bi-pinnate foliage is dark green with four to six pinnae pairs containing 10 to 15 leaflets each. The attractive blooms resemble a pink cotton ball, lending to the plant’s common name, “powder puff”. Each bloom produces four to five seed pods that contain two to three seed each. Mature seeds are olive brown with a hard seed coat. There are 47,000 seeds per pound, and the seeds measure approximately 5 mm long and 3 mm wide. Crockett Germplasm exhibits drought tolerance, folding its leaves and closing stomata to conserve moisture during dry, hot periods.  Crockett Germplasm plant material is from East Texas Plant Materials Center and was selected for superior seedling vigor, foliage density, rate of spread, drought tolerance, and seed production.

Prices listed are based on pure live seed weight, not bulk weight. You are only paying for viable seed.

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Herbaceous Mimosa - Crockett Germplasm

Herbaceous Mimosa - Crockett Germplasm

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