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Rattlesnake Grass

Regions 1,2,6 - Med-Wet

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Height: 2' - 3'
Scientific Name: Glyceria canadensis
Source: Native
Growth: Perennial
Color: Green
Soils: Medium to Wet Soil Moisture
Bloom Period: Cool Season
Sun: Full Sun
Seeds per Pound: 12,000,000
Wetland: OBL
Regions: 1,2,6

Rattlesnake Grass is a 2' to 3' tall native perennial cool season grass. It is a spring flowering cool season plant. Rattlesnake Grass is usually found in wet areas such as shallow fresh water and moist meadows and wetland margins. This specie is similar to Glyceria striata but its distribution is restricted to the northern and western states. This plant is planted in and in the margins of aquatic gardens and is regularly used in wetland conservation plantings in its distribution region. This is a valuable food and cover plant for wildlife, however, the seed shatter easily early in the year.

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Rattlesnake Grass

Rattlesnake Grass

Region 1,2,6 - Med-Wet Soils - Full Sun

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